None Cat Auth

Build your own None Cat Auth (none cat is authorized), a hardware implementation to repel cats in a non-harmful way. Not to be confused with NoCatAuth which is an open-source implementation of a captive portal for WiFi connections.

Questions & Answers

  • Why do I share this? So others can implement it quickly, and no cats get hurt in the process.
  • How it works? a PIR sensor detects movement, and it sprays water for some seconds.


  • 12V lead battery (8€)
  • Fuses & Fuse Holders (optional 1€)
  • DC Battery Meter (optional 6€)
  • Irrigation System (6,26€)
  • PIR Sensor 12V (3,55€)
  • Solenoid Valve 12V (4,63€)
  • Female Tap Connector (1,78€)
  • Switch (optional 1,75€)
  • Total cost 24,22€ or 32,97€ with optional components


Mix everything in a bowl and plug it into the battery. The cooking time is 30 minutes plus 15 minutes for setting up more sprayers and finding the right place for your cat repeler.

None Cat Auth


It is a pretty straightforward circuit which works perfectly for repelling cats, other animals or even some human beings.

Watch a video

None Cat Auth working
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