I was a child with a happy childhood living in a far town from the city. When I became 8 years old we went to live in the amazing city of Málaga (Spain). From that moment I got delighted with computers (hobby that born inside me at the age of 11 years old), althought I couldn’t get my first one until I became 16. My first computer was a source of invection, ingenious and research, activity that luckly I never left aside.

When I was almost 5 years old I build without any help my first robot from TENTE…similar to LEGO nowadays, I loved dreaming and imagine that I was a researcher that was discovering the vaccine for AIDS (MICRO experiment) or a very important scientist that found a solution for hanger in the earth making possible to any human to digest BETA-GLUCOSE from the plants and vegetables.

Always I have considered my self a person from science although I think that letters are the only source for humanization, sciences generally are cold and lonely, this is the reason why they must be humanized to get nearer to what we are and to what we are researching about. From I was a child I dreamed (like most of the children) with flying to the moon, after that I wanted to be a mathematician, but really I was made to for computing. At the age of 18th, I build my first LAN. Building a network it was a great experience to me like when I got my first computer (do you remember your first time?). Around the year 2000 for the first time I tested wireless networks, they became another revolution to my life…during this stage of my life put most of my effort to the Wifi communities in Spain, specially to Málaga Wireless and ANURI, becoming the president of Málaga Wireless on 2002 and vice-president of ANURI some years later.

I was blessed by Linux around the year 1998 and very soon it became my only tool for working. During this part of my life, I learned a lot about security (pen-testing) and “ethical” hacking thank to the social networks from that age: IRC. In the year 2000, I got an internship of three years in GEB (Study Group of Biomimetics), I improved all my knowledge about servers, security, massive computing clusters and I started to work in my first High Availability systems.

In the year 2003, I got an Internship in Neuroscience in SUNY (State University of New York) at the Optometry Department, where I worked as speciallist assitant to the reasearcher during experiments connected with the localization of neuronal links between eyes and the primary visual cortex. When I returned from that intense travel I came back with my “chip switched“: I realized that the world was huge and interesting and definitely I decide not to become a professor on computing, and this was the moment I dived into the world of business.

In the year 2004 I built my first company (a Civil Society), but very soon I would start with the project of my life and this is how in the year 2005 I made by my own the trademark Centrologic and I went to live to Poland for 2 years until on 2007 we decided to come back to Spain and I would start the difficult task of opening our own space in the rest of companies.

About me:

  • Nickname: Juanmi
  • Words I identify my self: Romantic, sincere, witty, sometimes stubborn.
  • What is the friendship for you: Count with somebody for good and bad moments.
  • A defect you have: Ambitious.
  • Unforgetabble movie: “Mr. Nobodybyr Jaco Van Dormael
  • Favourite artist: Robert de Niro, Antonio Resines
  • Favourite food: fresh Gaspacho.
  • Favourite song: “Arrival of the Birds” from London Metropolitan Orchestra, “Petruška” from Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky
  • My favourite musice: click here
  • What it can not miss during a trip: Companion
  • Seduction weapon: words
  • A piece of advice that helped you in life: Whatever you have to do, do it now!
  • Music band: Smashing Pumpkins
  • Fear: loneliness
  • Animal with you identify yourself: Koala
  • Something you regret: Not to have tried
  • The biggest lie: I have never lied
  • Favourite color: Yellow
  • A dessert: Natural yogur
  • Unforgetabble date: there are so many
  • Favourite book: Gödel, Escher and Bach. “An eternal Golden Braid”
  • Do you believe that age is important for love?: No
  • Do you believe in life after the death?: No, we only live in everybody who remembers us.
  • A sentence to remember: “After you have released the word, it dominates you, but while you have not released it, you are its dominator “(it is an Arabic proverb)

I believe this kind of interviews can define quite good to a person.

If your would like to contact with me, I am always available to one task more. A good friend defined my phone number as “the panic button” or what others would say the “red phone”.

Usually I get calls to resolve “extrange things”, system downs, help to supervise complex situations (migrations, system startups, new software designs or to recommend the best way to make build a big project without going to bankrupt). If this is your situation, contact with me.

Finally, if you are looking for my VIM configuration it is yours (the old version if you are nostalgic it is here).

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