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Clouds are beautiful until comes the rain!

Clouds are beautiful until comes the rain!

Juanmi Taboada
Juanmi Taboada
Clouds are beautiful until comes the rain!

During the last weeks I’ve got several interesting news about Cloud computing. Most of them show that many users are not ready yet to put their personal documents online. Are you?

What is a Cloud?

Cloud Computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet).

Let’s see some statistics:

Here are some statistics (source) showing worries about the usage of applications in the “Cloud”. This statistics show that the adoption of the Cloud by companies is still far. The most common reasons are security, privacy, storage and law. The result shows that 66% of the companies reported that this kind of worries have delayed or stopped them from deploying projects in the Cloud.

The clearest worry was about the possibility of getting stolen: 52%. To stop or delay a project can be something really expensive to any company. We believe that the most effective way to join to the Cloud is to do it with a proper security.

The main worries were:

  • 66% – Security of data
  • 56% – Privacy of data
  • 34% – Regulatory compliance
  • 26% – Storage of data

The statistics also showed up other worries about the Cloud

  • 52% – Possibility of being stolen (example)
  • 34% – Risky companies (example)
  • 32% – Account, services, traffic stealing (Yahoo, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Sony and in general other Big companies)
  • 32% – Vulnerabilities in the technology used for sharing (example)
  • 28% – Malicious workers inside the provider of the cloud service
  • 24% – Unsafe programming interfaces

In addition to all this fears, the government of United States dictated that you are not the owner of whatever you stored in the Cloud (Megaupload and the Government’s Attack on Cloud Computing and No eres dueño de nada de lo que alojes en la nube).

And what about the biggest Cloud system on the world? (Google: Online Eye of Sauron or Is Google Drive worse for privacy than iCloud, Skydrive, and Dropbox?).

So…what now?

I am now in a contradiction, the Cloud as an idea is great but which price are we willing to pay for it? I would like to be able to use a Cloud but I would like also to be sure that my documents are safe. I thought some time ago that this is a great idea so we decided to develop a tool that would be able to deliver both features to our clients and we named it HiddenBak.

That’s nice, but what is HiddenBak?

HiddenBak is a file server that focus the most on security. Our system ensures no third party can access to your files, unlike today’s common hosting and cloud services. But another great features is the synchronization system, which allows HiddenBak servers to get synchronized with each other in a secure manner. HiddenBak also allows you to use our mobile application which will allow you to access your data from your mobile device through a secure connection no matter where you are. If you wish to keep your Cloud protected under your own umbrella so no rain will affect your IT structure.

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