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Django 1.7 Review

Finally, Django 1.7 is out, and it is great. Even if it broke some of my oldest Django projects, I love their philosophy. They focus on doing things in the right way. Getting my oldest websites back to life took me a few minutes, but it helped me update them. The first project I made was in Django 0.96. It has been the easiest to keep updated on all the projects I made from then. Here you have some quick details from it:

  1. Python version support is now from 2.7 to 3.4 (so no more support for Python 2.6 or earlier)
  2. South became part of Django’s core (they took too long to make this great decision), so Django 1.7 comes with easy migrations. If you change a model, it will be “easy” to keep your database updated.
  3. Startup has changed. This is one that gave some pain with the errors “ugettext_lazy gets translated too early” or “AppRegistryNotReady” Get ready because the scripts you execute from the shell will fail too.
  4. WSGI script no longer supports “django.core.handlers.wsgi.WSGIHandler()”; instead, you have to use “get_wsgi_application().
  5. ALLOWED_HOSTS is not optional anymore.
  6. Django is timezone aware, so “today” and “now” operate in the current time zone.
  7. I highly recommended using TZ=True and installing pytz support.
  8. The unittest module is deprecated, so “django.utils.unittest” is old, and you should use “unittest” instead.
  9. The simplejson module is deprecated,  so “django.utils.simplejson” is old, and you should use “json” instead.

We haven’t found any problem in this version that would prevent us from using it. If you are a Django developer, be aware I wrote the most basic and common details we found during our website migrations, but you should check the release notes just in case your project is doing some weird things than we do in ours. 🙂

My final summary is: what are you waiting for?

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