Finishing the frame for an Underwater ROV

Juanmi Taboada
Finishing the frame for an Underwater ROV

In my last post “How I designed the frame for my Underwater ROV” I gave all details about the design I used for the frame for Alioli Underwater ROV. In this post I will show what I did to get the structure to look like a submarine.

To get everything together I put screws in all junctions as shown in the photo:

To hold the water pumps I needed to cut 6 pieces of pipe, this pieces ended with a 45º cut as shown in the photo (the 45º will make easy to set the water pump so it will not rotate while working). The specific piece is pointed by the red arrow (other parts of the rob are left as a reference):

After getting all these pieces I connected them where they belong and I added the water pumps connected to them. You will have to rotate each piece to make sure the water pump points to where we are expecting to. I numbered all water pumps and drilled holes in their junctions with the structure to add screws later to hold all together:

For each water pump, I removed the cover (the blue one) and cut the white cup and remove the propeller with a screwdriver, getting it ready to connect the new specific propeller I bought from Amazon:

Before connecting the water pumps again to the structure I decided to paint it with primer paint and then with a yellow paint:

I added the net and joined to the structure with plastic flanges:

I connected back again the water pumps to the structure (I put back the blue cover on them until I get the propellers):

And here is the final result with the capsule inside:

And I decided to test also the float that I will use for the automatic buoyancy system I invented. All together looks like this:

Next steps

After getting ready the frame I drilled some holes on the pipes so water can go through. We are ready to set the capsule, which needs still to get connected (soldering) and prepare for isolation underwater and also start testing sensors and finish writting the control system.

The next article shows details about “First Arduino design for an Underwater ROV”.

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